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    Good water machine chooses Yong Chen to enjoy healthy life.
    Service hotline:400-8925-988
    • Excellent material, sturdy and durable
    • Fashion design, beautiful and generous
    • Multistage filtration, healthy water quality
    • Intelligent control, automatic operation
    • Multiple protection, safe and secure
    • saving electricity and saving money
    about us
    • Guangdong Shunde Yongchen Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless steel energy saving drinking water dispenser, kindergarten drinking water dispenser, stepping commercial water disp
    • In March 2006, Yongchen Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City was formally established
    • Yongchen Company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, products with 3C, CQC, wading approval and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification system certificate.
    • Yongchen has won the award with its leading technology, high-quality products and efficient services: high-tech enterprises, quality brand excellent teacher units, industry top ten brand units, well-known brand demonstration enterprises, quality and reput
    • Don't forget to build a dream together
    • Yongchen drinking water equipment-strength witness quality
    • company address
      8 Fuxing Road, Fuan Industrial Zone, Leliu, Foshan
    • company tel
    • company fax
    WeChat:Yongchen energy
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    Guangdong shunde yongchen energy-saving and environmental protection equipment

    manufacturing co., LTD.& have spentFiling number: 2, no.11085417, guangdong ICP backup

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